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Artego logo

Artego Hair Colour and Product Line.

Info coming... Ask your stylist for more information about Artego.

Visit the web site of Artego USA for more information HERE.

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SexyHair Concepts Products

Sexy Hair Concepts logo

Sexy Hair is one of the fastest growing professional salon styling product companies, since they first launched in 1998. Originally founded by Micheal O 'Rourke, an industry leader, hairstylist & salon owner. Inspired to create a product that actually worked and did what it said it would do, SexyHair was born.

Sexy Hair has 6 hair care lines that can meet the needs of every hair type & personality.

  • Big Sexy
  • Healthy Sexy
  • Short Sexy
  • Silky Sexy
  • Straight Sexy
  • Curly Sexy

With fun and innovative packaging, Sexy Hair is very recognizable, "The big red can" is what they are most famous for and recognized.

Big Sexy Hair Root pump volumizing mousse and Spray and play hairspray were the first products developed that catapulted the company into the leader it is today.

Sexy Hair is continuing to expand to meet all hair care styling needs with new products added to the lines which all strive to help stylists achieve maximum creativity and clients at home are able to recreate with ease.

Visit the web site of SexyHair Concepts for more information HERE.

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G The Body Art Professional

G The Body Art Professional logo

G The Body Art Professional

G The Body Art Professional™ is a line of pure couture products and supplies that achieves a look of glittering elegance on the skin whether one is feeling bright and bold, or seductive and sweet. G exemplifies the young woman looking to embellish her prom dress or the blushing bride who wants to dazzle on her special day, the young people who yearn for edgy and eye-catching or the mature client who wishes for dainty and demure. Admirers can create intricately delicate designs or dramatically daring pieces on any area of the body, enjoying the opportunity to pamper themselves with an element as soft as cashmere and with the brilliance of diamonds; a line of body art that allows one to express their individuality as fashion-forward, educated consumers. G The Body Art Professional™ has revolutionized accessorizing, proving to be an enduring indulgence. Now one can replicate the jewelry and accessories seen only on the red carpet, in the pages of Vogue and the cases at Neiman Marcus. Slip into some sparkle and experience the essence of G.

Visit the web site of G The Body Art Professional for more information HERE.

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Macadamia Hair Products

Macadamia Natural Oil logo

Macadamia Natural Oil™ is a premium, professional hair care line focused on healing and beautifying problem hair via a modern application of Macadamia and Argan oils.

Macadamia Natural Oil™ products meld the lightweight and nutrient-rich properties of Macadamia nut and Argan seed oils to revitalize even the most problem hair, nourishing from root to tip for effortless health and beauty.


The Macadamia Natural Oil™ line has been created specifically to help those with "problem hair". If you feel that your hair has one or more of the following "problems", these products will be a can't-live-without addition to your daily beauty regimen.

  • damaged (chemicals,wind, sun)
  • frizzy
  • dry
  • colored, straightened, permed
  • hard to manage
  • tangled
  • dull,lifeless
  • brittle; not soft; lacking "touchability"
  • out of control, wild
  • thick, bushy

Visit the web site of Macadamia Hair for more information HERE.

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Hempz Body Care Products

Hempz Body Care products logo

All Hempz products contain Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, one of nature's richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), nutrients and vitamins that protect and condition the skin. Every product is formulated to heal and renew skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp is one of Earth's most renewable resources, able to produce a full harvest within 120 days without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. That makes it perfect for today's trend toward a healthy, green lifestyle. Industrial Hemp has no illegal uses and is cultivated for commercial use throughout most of the world. It contains no THC.

Visit the web site of Hempz Body Care for more information HERE.

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OPI Products

OPI Products logo

A family-owned company committed to the highest quality products and to the customers' well-being, OPI's reputation is built on its commitment to quality, safety, innovation and excellence - a commitment it honors with every product, every day.

OPI is renowned globally for its Nail Lacquers, with each shade created by Weiss-Fischmann based on her impeccable color forecasting, sense of style, and instinct for what women want. The brilliant, chip-resistant, professional OPI Nail Lacquer formula is available in over 200 fashion-forward colors. With clever names that customers look forward to with each new Collection, OPI Nail Lacquers are beloved around the world, and trusted by professionals. Neither OPI Nail Lacquers nor any other OPI product or service are subject to animal testing.

Visit the web site of OPI for more information HERE.

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Fine Feather Heads

Fine Feather Heads logo

Fine Featherheads are the original feather hair extension.

Original Featherheads are our preferred line, and consist of four feathers bonded at the tip to create one extension, ranging in length from 8 - 12 inches.Our feathers come in a full spectrum of colors - from subtle and natural to playful and wild - and a variety of lengths, from 3 to 16 inches. They can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450°F) - basically, they can be treated like natural hair.

Our product lines include Originals, Wispers, Accents, Shorties and Pet Plumes. So, what makes our feathers stand out? They're reusable. All natural. High-quality. Hand-crafted. And our patent (pending) technique of bonding the feathers means that the feathers will remain in place longer - up to two months, depending on how they're cared for.

Visit the web site of Fine Feather Heads for more information HERE.

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Label.m Hair Products

Label.m Hair Products logo

Save 25% while stock lasts!

Label.m Professional Haircare incorporates innovative, tried and tested formulas containing naturally sourced active ingredients and essential oils.

This high-end product line contains the 4C collection (CLEANSE, CONDITION, CREATE and COMPLETE) including products suitable for all hair types, and designed for simple use, allowing you to recreate salon styling at home with the versatility of professional products.

CLEANSE & CONDITION - The first preparation stages to cleanse, nourish, rebalance, repair or maintain colour. These products include Label.m Organics, certified organic by the American NOP and approved by United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Programme.

CREATE - The CREATE products are designed to prepare the hair for your iconic style! Most Create products are applied to wet hair to create texture.

COMPLETE - COMPLETE products are totally versatile and will finish your look whether you want to add shine, hold, control frizz or just keep adding volume.

Visit the web site of label.m for more information HERE.

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