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Hair Trend Alert
Feather Hair Extensions

Wednesday July 20th 2011

The hottest thing right now are feather extensions. They are real feathers that are placed in the hair and can last upto 3 months and can be shampooed, blowdryed and yes even ironed (on low heat of course). The feathers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colours and lengths.

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They take only minutes to attach and are placed in the hair using a little silicone or metal cuff / ring and inserting any assortment of feathers into it then pinched closed.

The feathers are real, they come from the tail or saddle feathers of a rooster. These saddle feathers have been used in the fishing industry for years as they are used for tying fly's for fly fishing. Some feathers like the really long ones can take years to grow and they are all uniquely different in colour variation.

Now of course there almost never is a trend without controversy. Organizations like Peta, are urging strongly against the use of feathers as many roosters are killed when harvested for their saddle feathers. But there are other companies and farms that only collect the molted or fallen feathers for sale. Tackle shops and fly fishing shops have also put a ban on the beauty industry from purchasing feathers, as the demand has limited supply as well as driven the price up. However feathers have been for sale for decades not only in bait and tackle shops but arts and craft and hobbie stores. I'm sure they will continue to be used for years to come and in ways we haven't even come up with yet.

On our part we take the steps needed to ensure that the products we use do not result in animal cruelty. In the end I say its up to you, as the consumer to make your own decision, just do a little research and don't be afraid to ask where the feathers have come from if that is a concern of yours. I do know that the feather extensions I have in look awesome. They are a fun and trendy way to add some colour to your hair.