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Hair Tip
Swimmers Beware! Chlorine in your Hair!

Sunday July 31st 2011

We have all seen the unfortunate blondes who sport that greenish tinge in their locks after a day by the pool. Although you can noticeably see it in their hair, many of us don't realize that chlorine in swimming pools is absorbed by all of our hair.

Read on to protect your hair...

Chlorine may be used to clean or disinfect pools but it also strips away our protective oils leaving our skin and hair very dry and brittle. This can lead to a tangled dry brittle broken hair.

To help prevent this here are a few Tips:

  • Wet hair thoroughly before entering the pool. Hair is like a sponge it absorbs so if it is already full of water it can't easily absorb chlorine
  • Apply conditioner to damp hair before swimming as the conditioner adds a barrier in the hair.
  • If hair is long enough, tying or clipping it up on the top of you head keeps the strand from floating freely and soaking up the chlorine.
  • And for the blondes out there don't forget about a swimming cap. Not the best look but neither is green hair.
  • Always shampoo thoroughly after swimming and if needed use a specially formulated shampoo for removing chlorine from the hair.
Using a product like Macadamia Oil before swimming can be an excellent form of protection that has added restorative benefits.

If all else fails and you end up with build up residue and dry brittle hair a trip to your hairstylist can save the day.