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Argan Oil

Sunday July 31st 2011

One oil with so many benefits to your hair that it can't be ignored! Argan oil has become a must have ingredient in many new hair products with good reason. Discover what Argan oil can do for you and have a look at our two favourite Argan oil products.

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The Argan tree that is indigenous of Morocco has a unique oil that is extracted and produced from the kernels found in the argan nut. This oil is revered for it's healing and nutritive properties.

Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It's properties are very therapeutic and restorative for the hair and skin. It has a higher content of vitamin e than olive oil which can help the skin from premature aging. It also contains omega 6 essential fatty acid which allows it to absorb easily into the skin.

Specifically for your hair the benefits of Argan oil include that it is light weight which does not make it feel "greasy", water and oil do not mix so when it is applied to damp hair it repels the moisture out of the hair to the surface which helps reduce your blowdrying time while giving your hair thermal protection.

At the Strand we have our two favorite different brands of argan oils, Sexy hairs Healthy sexy Soy Renewal and Macadamia oil

Sexy Hair's Soy renewal is a blend of botanicals, argan oil and soy proteins, which is an amazing moisturizing, nourishing treatment for the hair. It can be applied on damp or dry hair to add moisture, strengthen, reduce drying time, soothe and smooth as well as fight the frizz. It is an affordable luxury must have.

Macadamia oil is argan oil taken to the next level. The blend of the essential fatty acids of the argan oil and macadamia oil is closely matched to the bodies own oils which allows it to absorb almost instantly. The oil restores hair health, while penetrating to infuse strength, add softness, shine and smooth the hair. It is a natural uv protectant which is important with our increasing uv index. The uv protection also helps to protect your hair colour from fading. It helps to protect against environmental and thermal styling damage. Macadamia oil has many other products that are infused with macadamia nut and argan seed oils to help nourish the hair.

Since arriving in the mainstream beauty industry, argan oil has become a powerhouse must have product. Come in, talk to us and we can help you find which argan oil product is right for you.