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Hair Tip
Wedding Hair

Tuesday August 30th 2011

The single most important hairstyle you will ever wear, shouldn't be taken lightly. As a bride you want everything about your wedding to be perfect, from the groom, the dress and of course your hair.

Read on to see how the wedding hair experts at The Strand hair salon can make your wedding hair / bridal party hair, just that.... Perfect!

After deciding the style your going for, a trip to your hairstylist can help determine the right Do for you. Be sure to bring in a picture of the dress and tiara or head piece to be worn.

A consultation appointment is a good idea, if you have a regular stylist or are finding one for the big day - consultation is key.

The hairstylist can then set up appointments for trial runs and preparation for your tresses leading up to the wedding.

At the Strand we have a variety of menu options to choose from to make your day a beautiful one.

You can choose :

  • A la carte - pick an individual service or multiple services
  • Trial run - a trial run through of desired style prior to wedding
  • Pre-wedding prep - (come in the day before for a shampoo & blow-dry so as to have the perfect set for your wedding style)
  • Upstyle - styled to bridal (or bridesmaid) perfection
  • Exclusive salon - 4 or more in the bridal party enjoy the salon closed just for them. Refreshments & light continental breakfast incl.
  • Exclusive on-site - 4 or more enjoy having the hairstylist come to you the morning of, to a location of your choice
  • Paparazzi wedding experience - 4 or more bridal party enjoy a closed salon plus one of our stylists on site during photographs for touch ups.
  • Entourage wedding experience - 4 or more bridal party enjoy a closed salon plus one of our stylists for touch ups to travel with you the rest of your wedding day

Come back and use our wedding hair package planner to get a quote for your wedding hair needs on our home page starting Sept 2nd 2011.