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Hair Tip
Do you use protection?

Thursday December 22nd 2011

Why should you use a thermal protection spray when using your flat iron or curling iron?

Read on to find out how thermal protection spray can save you styling time and money!...

I like to use this analogy when i am educating in salons or at industry events. I ask you this, "have you ever baked something in your oven? What do you set your oven temperature at?” (usually 350 to 450 degrees) “Ok, now who would reach in with your bare hand to grab the pan?” Thats right, not with out an oven mitt.

Our flat irons can go up to 450 degrees, that is extremely hot to run down unprotected locks. The goal with flat irons is to alter the structure of the inner core of the hair but unfortunately this happens at the expense of the health of the outer cuticle. I have seen a lot of damaged tresses over the years from being unprotected. This damage causes dry brittle hair that leads to breakage that no one wants to deal with. Restoring damaged hair requires treatment with products and taking a break from the flat iron.

This can all be avoided! A professional thermal protection spray provides a protective barrier (like an oven mitt) for the hair while infusing emollients & preventing moisture from being evaporated from the hair shaft which will lead to over dried brittle hair. The heat of the iron also works with the ingredients to help do some of the work for you and save you time so you do not have to repeatedly run the iron over the same spot multiple times to get it straight.

At The Strand we have a few fav sprays we like to use:

  • Label M heat protection spray, is a high performance pump spray.
  • Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect is an aerosol that brings on the shine and humidity resistance.

These are both very light weight so they do not weigh the hair down.

So the next time you plug in, be sure your protected.