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WEN do you want to be Flawless?

Tuesday October 30th 2012

There is something new stirring in the beauty biz. The realization that we need to change the harsh chemicals being used in beauty products is giving birth to new awareness and revolutionary products.

Read on to learn more...

Let’s get the science part out of the way first. We have all heard of sodium laureth sulphate, this is a detergent that has been used for decades in "cleansing" products from shampoo, hand soap to dish detergent. This chemical is what produces that rich Lather we have become accustomed to feeling when we wash our hands or shampoo our hair.

Some of you may have seen on the shopping channel or an infomercial one of these new products called WEN which is sold in a 30 day trial pack that consists of a system for the consumer. The cleansing conditioner, a masque and styling cream.

I was first introduced to this new concept by several of my clients who had seen WEN and were looking for a solution to their hair woes such as very brittle, thin and fine to curly, dry and frizzy ( I myself being the latter) So this sent me on the quest to find out more about this interesting product. I also saw visible improvement in my clients hair after they had been using WEN for several weeks. Now I admit I was a bit biased as I have been a professional stylist for over 15 yrs and very skeptical of a product sold on the shopping channel or an infomercial. But I am open to new technology and a firm believer that we need to be more aware of what chemicals we are putting on and in our bodies as well as down our drains.

So why not a cleansing conditioner? This is a revolutionary way to cleanse the scalp and hair. Now it’s not a 2 in 1 but it is only one product that does the job of two. Using gentler botanicals like coconut oil , they have more of a whipped lotion consistency that is emulsified with your hands and massaged into the scalp and hair, then rinsed thoroughly. Washing away only product buildup and not the natural oils that usually get stripped away by shampoos that use sulfates. The hair is left in a visibly healthier state, shiny, soft, and over time strengthened.

Then I went to the Las Vegas IBS show and was astounded and very excited to see FLAWLESS. Flawless is one of the first of theses cleansing conditioners made by a professional hair care company, Macadamia which the Strand also carries.

With my curiosity peaked we sought out information about this revolutionary product and I can honestly say I have tried it myself. My usually dry, fluffy, curly hair was instantly different after the first use. My hair was shiny, not frizzy, my curl looked awesome and yet my scalp felt clean! ( which was a concern I had, would it Feel clean)

Macadamia oil & Argon oil work to cleanse without stripping away natural oils making the hair shiny, manageable and healthy. It also reduces blow drying time in half!

For the price conscious it is a bit more than purchasing a shampoo but it does replace buying at least two products and with reduced time needed to blow dry, it is an affordable luxury.

So WEN you decide you want to try this new concept and see how it can transform your hair don’t hesitate to ask us at The Strand how we can make you FLAWLESS