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Wednesday January 8th 2014

In 2013 the Strand had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Paramount Live! Theatre group. This amazing organization is a children’s theatre group that rehearses & performs various children’s musical productions.

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We were first introduced by my son who found an interest in performing arts. It was while he was participating in his first play (Jungle Book) that I got to see how talented these kids are, and decided that I wanted to help out. So we volunteered, & styled a LOT of jungle hair. From there we went on to help with styling hair for the production of "My Son Pinochio" (my son WAS Pinochio!) there was a whole lot of braiding going on, all so we could see these beautiful children’s faces on the stage.

Next, was my favourite so far, Beauty & The Beast, this emotional production was nothing short of magical. We were busy bringing Beauty’s hair to life, making Gaston (my son) look sleek and confident and a lot more braiding! lol.

Then I heard the older 12-16 yr olds were going to do Hairspray! As a hairstylist this is an iconic musical so we just had to be apart of it. So during our busiest month of the year, we worked like a whirlwind to style as high as we could the cast of Hairspray, 5 performances in 3 days. I think it was the fumes & the amazing energy from these insanely talented teens that kept us going, and by the last night I think we reached new heights! (wink wink)

I can’t wait to see what this group is going to do next as they get ready to start rehearsing "Seusical" the Dr. Seuse musical & from the Grimm Brothers, "Into the Woods". I think I will practice my "Who" styles.