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Hair Product

Wednesday January 8th 2014

Parched? Is your skin dry, cracked, itchy from the cold of winter? Or does it dry & peel in the summer from our harsh uv’s?

Click "Read On" for a solution!

Hempz lotion is non greasy, a fast absorbing, and is super rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that work to restore moisture to the skin relieving dryness, reducing fine lines & wrinkles. Light weight and packed with vitamins like A, C, & E, that protect, smooth & soothe the skin.

It is Paraben free, Gluten free & 100% vegan. (Thc free)

I personally had not been one for using lotion, my hands are in the water a lot & I have not enjoyed the feeling of how many lotions don’t absorb fast enough or feel slick & slimy on my hands until I tried Hempz. In the winter especially, my hands tend to dry & crack to the point of bleeding (sorry but true) I tried Hempz & now it’s the only lotion I use and feel confident selling in the salon.

There are many formulas to try, as well as new body care products like body wash & scrubs. I’m sure there’s one for you.