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Self employment for Hairdressers at The Strand Hair Salon

Why become a self employed hairdresser?

1 Rental Booth Available NOW!

One of the fundamental purposes of The Strand and a primary reason for it's inception is to help empower skilled & telented hairdressers / stylists to become independant, allow them to increase their earning potential and career enjoyment while continuing to develop their skills. Self employed stylists enjoy many types of support from The Strand Hair Salon listed below.

Benefits of self employment

Earn a respectable income! As a commission stylist your earning potential is capped. The more you sell, the more you make - BUT - No matter how much you sell, you always only get a percentage of your sales. To illustrate this, consider the following:

  • If you do $2000 worth of services in a month and are paid 50% commission, you've earned $1000. If however, you were self employed with a rent of $600/month (Note: This is not the actual rental rate at The Strand) you'd have earned $1400 instead.
  • In this same example if you're only making 40% commission, you'd have only earned $800 compared to the $1400 you earn as a self employed stylist.
  • The real difference is that EVERY dollar in service sales you make after rent is paid is 100% yours*. That is a true unlimited earning potential and where a hairdresser can finally make a decent income.
    *(The government will still take their share just like they do on a regular pay cheque and you are responsible for paying for your supplies)

Another aspect of improved control over your own income is the freedom to set your own pricing. You can set a reasonable rate to attract new clients or begin raising your rates to reflect the quality of your work.

Set your pace, no one is going to tell you that you have to cram in an extra client when you want to take extra time and care with one of your clients.

Most talented and skilled hairdressers have accumulated a loyal clientele from the quality of service provided and they deserve to reap the rewards of their efforts rather than aiding to fatten the bottom line of faceless salon chains.

How to become a Self employed Hairstylist.

The Strand will assist in the simple steps of becoming a self employed hairdresser and provide a supportive environment within which to operate.

To be considered for a station at The Strand or To apply for employment, simply contact us (Use our contact form) and be sure to include contact information with your inquiry. We would be happy to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

* All inquiries are kept 100% confidential.

Self employment support provided by The Strand

We can help you become self employed and support your business in the following ways:

Don't want to take risks?
Our unique rental agreement guarantees that you take home at least 50% of your service sales and never pay more in rent than 50% of your monthly service sales. That means that you have the earning security of a 50% commission employee with the freedom and unlimited earning potential of being self employed.
Don't want to have to buy equipment?
The trade fixtures provided by The Strand Hair Salon allow you to operate your own business without the high startup cost of purchasing all your own equipment. Styling stations, hydraulic chairs, washing sinks and dryers are shared by all self employed hairdressers at the salon.
Don't want the hassle of business accounts?
Shared payment solutions means you don't have to go through the hassle of opening a business bank account and setting up your own merchant credit card accounts or rent your own debit machine.
Don't want to invest in inventory?
In salon "Pay-as-you-use" supplies allow you to keep your cashflow free from stocking supplies and inventory of your own. You simply pay for what you use and sell as you go from the payments you've collected on a weekly basis. So you don't have to pay for anything until a client has already paid you for it.
Don't want to worry about income tax, HST and bookkeeping?
Automatic bookkeeping software and tax support advise are provided so that you don't have to worry about how much you should put aside for income tax or keep track of how much HST to remit and when.
Worried clients won't find you?
We advertise your skills, talents, achievements and availability right here on The Strand Online as well as other local media!
Continue to learn!
With assistance in the continued development of your skills through participation in training classes, competitions or industry events, both local and abroad.