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The Strand Online privacy policy

Client and Member privacy policy of The Strand Hair Salon

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

We've put a lot of thought into protecting the information you provide us and back it up with continued effort to ensure that this information is both stored securely and used only to service your needs and only directly by The Strand Online / The Strand Hair Salon and the Stylists / Hairdressers who operate in the Salon.

You can rest assured that now and as we continue to develop our privacy policy, our primary focus is to respect your wishes. If at any time, you have any concerns about our privacy policy or the security of the information you've provided to us, you may contact us and we will do what ever you need done to satisfy your concerns up-to and including the removal of all your provided information from our systems.

Control of Your Information

Information provided upon registereing as a client or member of The Strand Online or The Strand Hair Salon remains under your control through the provided profile utility where you can change and remove any information or selected service options (including newsletter subscriptions) that you have provided.

In order to access this profile utility you must log into the site using the login menu in the header at the top right of every page on this site. Once logged in, the menu will change to show the email you are logged in under, a logout button and a link to your profile managment page.

If you have lost your password, you can reset it by attempting to login using your registered email address. When you've used the wrong password you will be presented with an alert message that provides you with a link that will help you reset your password.

General Information Collection and Use

The collection of any data from members and clients of The Strand Online or The Strand Hair Salon is kept for the sole purpose of the client and member services provided by The Strand Online or The Strand Hair Salon. All data is stored securely and encrypted where necessary (as in the case of passwords). No information collected by The Strand Online or The Strand Hair Salon is shared with any 3rd parties for any reason except those that may be required by law. Access to collected information is restricted to the administrators of the web site and salon and limited access is granted to the Stylists / Hairdressers of The Strand Hair Salon for required work purposes only.

For the Purpose of Appointment Scheduling

The site and salon administration of The Strand Online as well as Stylists / Hairdressers of The Strand Salon are granted secure access to the client and member profile information provided here by clients and members for the purposes of scheduling and communicating with clients regarding appointments. This includes the following information if provided: (though not limited to)

  • full name
  • phone numbers
  • email address
  • home address
  • work contact information

This information is accessed only for scheduling activities such as appointment reminders, cancelation notification, rescheduling requests and other such related communication.

More information

We are still adding to the privacy policy and would gladly answer any questions you might have that are not currently covered in this document. Simply send us a message from our contact page and we will gladly provide you with further details.