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Hair Product
Keratin Hair Filler Treatment

Tuesday November 8th 2011

Did you get your shot? Keratin shot that is! Sexy Hair Reinvent Keratin hair filler is an in salon treatment that leaves the hair healthier and shinier, protects your hair Colour, enhances colour vibrancy and smoothes the hair to give frizz free luxuriously conditioned hair.

Read on for the details of this hair treatment...

Keratin hair filler is a botanical rich, healthy choice for any hair type or texture and each treatment lasts up to 5 shampoo's.

Reinvent keratin hair filler, fills the hair with fiberous protein and moisture, that repairs weak, damaged or over processed hair. It will extend the life of your Colour and increase the vibrancy by smoothing and sealing the cuticle of your hair. Using Acai berry extract, bamboo, and coconut oil. It repairs and protects your hair

This keratin treatment will help to smooth and relax the hair which will give you a beautiful frizz free Blowdry as well as reducing the amount of time to Blowdry the hair. This product is not intended to, and will not straighten curly textured hair, it is not a chemical straightening system.

Sexy hair Reinvent keratin filler is a 2 step process that can be done immediately after a Colour service and only takes about 15 minutes. Be sure to get your shot at your next visit. Ask a hair stylist at the Strand about Reinvent Keratin Hair filler.