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Stylist / Hairdresser Profiles

Profiles of the hair Stylists at The Strand Hair Salon

The stylists / hairdressers at The Strand Hair Salon are all fully licensed, experienced, passionate and talented self employed professionals. While these independent hairdressers are not employed by The Strand Salon, they are only granted a booth upon meeting the following ideals, conditions and guidelines:

  • Committed to continued hair styling education to develop skills to their maximum potential and keep current in trends, product knowledge, techniques and everything cutting edge in hair styling.
  • Passionate about hair and achieving excellent results for the clients they serve.
  • Actively involved in the hairdressing / hair styling industry by contributing to charitable functions, local fashion events, traveling to regional or national hair shows to compete, teach or simply take it all in and more...
  • Customer service oriented Hairdressers who perform their services with integrity.
  • Career oriented hairdressers who have the desire to do more than just cut hair.

These and other guidelines are set to ensure that the self employed Stylists at The Strand Hair Salon are the most talented group of professional hairdressers available.

Kristi Ann Cerqueira

Kristi Ann graduated with both a diploma in hairstyling and esthetics from NuWave School of Hair Design in 2005 and since then remains active in th...

Tammy Graham

Tammy has been styling hair since she was a child. From her Barbie dolls to her little brother, then eventually the rest of her family and professi...

Leanna Laramee

From a young child, Leanna knew she'd be involved in the beauty industry. She was passionate about art, and has always been a little quirky. So she...

Chantal Skrilec

On her wedding day, Chantals dad recalled an endearing memory of how they knew of her early desire to work with hair as none of her childhood dolls...

Ashley Suttie